Saturday, March 5, 2011

My Land of Lisp just arrived

I used to program in a Scheme a lot, I preferred it over Lisp couse it was better documented, got good libraries to handle OpenGL, GLUT, and basic components for building a user interface. I am aware of a major concepts of both languages - similarities, and differences, but somehow I've always preferred Scheme. Even when I knew that there is a great macro library, or a object support library, for common lisp that I would like to use in my project I always sticked to a scheme. Few weeks ago I was surprised to fined out that there is not a single Lisp book on my bookshelf. So I made a small research about any book that would add something knew to my knowledge on a programming in a 'Lisp style'. Have a look at this web page. It is different, interesting, and you can't take it too serious but there are plenty of good parts underneath it. It makes you look at the ideas of the language from a different perspective, even when I am aware of all the concepts that are inside this book, after reading the few N*10 pages I was surprised to rediscover some features that I rearlly used (as every programmer I tend to stick to parts of a language that I enjoy). This book rocks, and have a look at this video:

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