Thursday, March 24, 2011

Plugins for Eclipse that I use

Yet again, here comes a time when I need to configure my Eclipse environment, and yet again I need to search thru the web for all the pages to the tools that I need. And the winners are:
1. SpringIDE
a) Core / Spring IDE
b) Extensions (Incubation) / Spring IDE
c) Extensions / Spring IDE
2. Susbclipse
a) Core SVNKit Library
b) Optional JNA Library (recommended)
c) Subclipse
3. m2eclipse
a) Maven Integration for Eclipse

In order to configure maven plugin I had to add a following code in a eclipse.ini file (add it before -vmargs line)


I love maven plugin - it allowed me to manipulate pom.xml file (dependencies, plugins,...) by just adding them knowing the name of the dependency (like springframework) and plug-in will search for it and suggest the newest version and create entire xml.

I also tend to use Flash Builder for my Flex development.
The biggest problem is that Flash Builder 4 requires a 32 bit JVM, it will rise an error when you try to run it against 64 bit ("An internal error occurred during: "Creating Adobe Flash Player trust file.."). This error is visible if you use a plug-in version of Flash Builder, the Stand Alone Version of Flash Builder has it's own JVM and it's 32 bit one, it means that stand alone version is not using your environmental settings if you didn't know :) Currently the Eclipse version (Helios) is 3.6.2 and Flash Builder is using 3.4.2. On some operating systems (like Solaris) one can use a flag -d32 in eclipse.ini file in order to tell JVM to run in a 32 bit mode, unfortunately under windows I had to install a 32 bit Java. Unfortunately installing Java in 32 bit version means also installing Eclipse in 32 bit version.

In an addition Tortoise can be downloaded from here and it doesn't require SVN server to be downloaded and installed separately (every two years when I rebuild my machine, or configure it at work I ask myself a question - do I need a server)

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