Thursday, January 6, 2011

SISAL language

Some time ago I was reading a really good article by MarkCC. Because recently I am struggling with implementation of Knuth's algorithms in my favourite languages (Scheme and recently Haskell) I was looking for something less declarative and more strict (in terms of how algorithm is going to be computed). I found SISAL, a really interesting language designed in 1983 (my favourite year), and with a design that is totally 21 century - the language by design supported concurrency, and was designed to have a Fortran like performance, SISAL is functional and you can compile it's code. Because lately I see only articles that deal with Scala, Groovy and other languages that are well know (from the set of a not main stream languages) I thought that would be a great idea to introduce some completely different programming language that looks at the programming problem from a different perspective. Give it a look.

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