Monday, August 9, 2010

Amazon book price

How come kindle books are more expensive then a hardcover? This is so weird. There was a time when I loved to buy a pdf books, because the shipment prize was killing me. Now days you can't even buy a pdf book, and a version for kindle is more expensive then the hardcover book, have a look here:

Refactoring book at Amazon

Hardcover: $52.96
Kindle edition: $57.11

Why is that?

Like a month ago I bought an eBook from I decided to buy an eBook because the shipment price was a joke. They allowed me to download it or to view it online. But I couldn't download it because it requires Adobe Reader with some kind of anti piracy protection (DRM support perhaps). Unfortunately Adobe Reader didn't want to register on my machine, because Adobe Reader license key was not valid. I spend 3 hours talking back and forward with people and Adobe people and no one could help me. And they didn't even allow me to download it in a different format or in a different way. I was so pissed off! I sticked with a ‘view online’ option, which really sucks. And you can't even print a book.

What is going on with an eBook word?

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