Sunday, July 22, 2007

Orcas Subversion and SharePoint

I've moved to London, and I've been working on some ancient technologies lately. But what bothers me the most is the stagnation. If you stop discover the world surrounding you, you loose entire passion that you have. At least it happens to me. Anyway I've been playing a little bit with new Orcas and LINQ features; I was trying to write web parts using those technologies. Unfortunately I've hit the wall, as I see it is possible and I mange to go forward, but every step you take takes you to next challenge. The problem is that there is no plug-in for web parts for Orcas, and it makes a little bit harder to do all the tasks that you usually do when you develop in MS VS 2005. Any way I give up, but will give it a next shot next day. One thing that I've discovered is small number of blogs that describe VS projects done on a Subversion system. Hej, what’s going on, don't tell me that you still use VSS !!!.

Integrating already existing project with Subversion

I've decided to describe how easy it is to integrate your VS and subversion system. There are many ways to install Subversion on a windows box, I usually use one click project, and because it is the simplest way I know. Installation is pretty strait forward. Next thing to do is to download the VS plug-in. The only one I use is ankh, it will do the job. Here you can see some screens of how it looks like. Installation of plug-in is again really simple. Just be sure not to install repository in the default location, sooner or later everything stops working if there is " " spacebar in a location path (just like in string "Program Files"). To create a new repository I use my GNU/Emacs eshell, but you can use normal cmd shell. Just type:

svnadmin create C:\worek\subversionRepositories\myProject

and a repository is ready to be used. Now I import a project to that repository. I simply navigate to the directory where I keep my VS projects I click on my project then:


in URL I specify a path to the repository:


Then I can checkout that project to any location, and when I run a solution file Ankh plug-in asks me if I like to enable Ankh for that solution. Now my VS project is integrated with subversion.

I hope that I'll be able to add some value to my current project (at work). And I will manage to break through the stagnation in my current environment. After all life is just a bowl of cherries.

Bon App├ętit

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