Tuesday, July 24, 2007

First Agile achivement

I've managed to do it. I like to describe my work as a contractor. I'm reassigned from project to project to do some job, achieve some goals. In my current work environment I've noticed a huge stagnation and frustration of the development team. They are using old technologies, old tools, old systems. They do not have any visionary person who would be able to push them forward. Don't get me wrong, people who work here were open to try something new, there wasn't just any person to show them a different way. Show what possibilities do they have, explain why by using some technique they can increase their performance. And then they faced me. So far organisation that I've described did not used any methodology, they were unorganised, did not have any deadlines, did not estimate their work, at least in a core of the development team. Because you could feel that they need some help I took some steps in order to push them forward. I've suggested agile as a methodology that might be helpful for them. I've provided them with tools to measure daily activity, explained basic agile concepts. I was really glad to see that a group of people is starting to work as a team, they organize themselves. Separate sprint from new activities assigned by product owner. Sprint is taking over their work. Now they estimate, they can see results of their work. What is more important their bosses also can see their work.

You can not became an agile user from day to day. This process takes time. What a great pleasure is to guild people through that way. See that it works for them. Then you can start corrections, explain why something should be done differently, suggest different tools. Today I was glad to see their retrospection presentation that was send to their bosses. One of the most beautiful things that one can experience is too see joy of the work that was done. And I saw it today, joy, proud, hope for better tomorrow. I just hope that I'll be able to guild them well. I do my best. As for today I attache pictures of their sprint blackboard. Keep your fingers crossed for us - the team.

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