Sunday, June 20, 2010

SQL tests and various DBMS

Long, long time ago, I was writing a maven plug-in to manage different DBMS systems from an application. As you probably know there are some differences between various DBMS systems, and it is good for your application to take an advantage of a DBMS specific behaviors. In my maven plug-in it was due to performance reasons, but one should be aware that sometimes our approach that perfectly works in SQL Server, will not work on Oracle database. Some mistakes are easy to catch - for example application refuse to work:) Other are really difficult to catch. I remember that one of my colleagues, was not aware about different transaction approaches between Oracle and SQL Server (optimistic vs. pessimistic), and it caused some problems to catch it, cause everything seemed to work fine, and from time to time, everything crashed - because submit was refused to run. Anyway, I always wanted to have some easy database available out of the box that can be installed on most popular DBMS systems, so I can run my tests and check if everything works fine. ChinookDatabase is a tool that I use recently. Enjoy.

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