Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Visual Studio 2010 second look

List of features that I do not enjoy.

I can not see a way to write a visual studio plugin in F#

Even if you set a binding for a key binding command it want reset all the bey bindings that are associated with the shorcut. For some shorcuts it seems to work, for others it does not. For example if I set a shorcut for a Edit.CharRight to Ctr+F it works, but if I set a shorcut for Edit.CharLeft it doesn't (after hitting Ctr+B visual studio waits for a second character, because there are some keybindings that use Ctr+B in a combination). Microsoft if I want to set Ctr+B to Edit.CharLeft it means that I know what I want, and I want to get rid of all the key bindings associated with Ctr+B + something.

I created some plugin for emacs key binding. Unfortunatelly The API for assigning multi key strokes, like Ctr+Shift+F is not working!

And, here is a good place to find a list of snippets for vs2010

Why there isn't anything for methods? Anybody?

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