Sunday, September 14, 2008

Subversion under XCode

Create repository

svnadmin create /Users/sagasu/Worek/Workspaces/svnRepository/magicNumbers

My project name is Magic Numbers so the name of the repository is magicNumbers. You can specify any path you wish.

Integrate subversion repository with XCode SCM system.

Create a new repository configuration.

Click + (plus) button at the left button, to add a new repository.

Specify a name, and SCM too that you want to use (Subversion).

Fill the URL field. After filling URL field path and scheme will be automatically filled.

In the Repositories window choose Import, and choose a project that you want to add to the repository. And you are done.

One of the ways to make current project aware that it is inside a subversion control system is to navigate to the place where the project is held and delete it (you can use Finder to do it). Then open XCode and check in the project to this same directory (or different if you wish) from which it was removed. Now XCode will allow you to manage your files from XCode.

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